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iso Taiwan Alpha Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970 as the first potentiometer manufacturer in Taiwan. With the insistence of management concept “ Quality, Responsibility , and Service “, Taiwan Alpha has successfully expanded and grown to become one of the top 5 manufacturers in the industry worldwide.

Major events of Taiwan Alpha. 


Secured “FA-101” patented production from Japanese company FINE to supply audio equalizer.

Successfully developed the long-life wiper and which were applied onto talking toy bear.

Investment of Wan Yue Electronic Co., Ltd., which producing printed element, was established to secure the quality and to steady material source.

Acquired ISO-9002 certificate.

·         Merged Hyperion Electronic Co., Ltd for guiding Taiwan Alpha into electronic communication industry.

·         Acquired ISO-14001 certificate.

Cooperated with Gemini and ORDEON to develop the transfer potentiometer. This had successfully made Taiwan Alpha as the high tech electronic component supplier.

·         Cooperated with British famous amplifier manufacturer, Marshall, and was assigned as major supplier.

·         Cooperated with American leading manufacturer in electronic communication, Motorola, and was assigned as its major supplier.

·         Opened new branch in Hong Kong and established the factory with 1000 employees and 30 production lines in Dong Guang Province, China.

·         Successfully acquired Taiwan Ordeo Electronic Co., Ltd, a stamping component manufacturer, to secure the quality and steady material source.

·         Went public and increased the capital up to two hundred twenty two million and three hundred twenty thousand New Taiwan dollars.

·         Invested Shanghai Alpha Electronic Co., Ltd to expand our distribution network in Mainland China domestic market.

·          Increased capital up to two hundred and fifty million New Taiwan dollars.

·         Secured Japanese Violet paten and production technique. Began production and delivery.

·         Taiwan Alpha officially started selling its stocks in OTC market on Nov. 13th.

·         Increased capital investment up to two hundred and seventy-eight million New Taiwan Dollars.

·         Liquidated invested company , Taiwan Ordeo Electronic Co., Ltd., and transformed it into the hardware department under Taiwan Alpha.

·         Invested Dong Guan Shi Hua Electronic Co., Ltd. to expand the market in the southern region of Mainland China.