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MFR An Introduction

MFR Electronics Pvt. Ltd. took shape, on the 26th day of the first month of the year 1983. The MFR Electronics headquarters' are situated in the commercial capital of India, which is Mumbai. Today we stand in the industry with more than fifteen years of experience, in the art of precision engineering and the manufacturing industry.

Yesterday's medium sized electronics company has transformed into today's quality manufacturer, we are the trendsetters in the industry today. Our technological standards are on par if not better than the leading international companies. Our commitment to offer premium products to our customers at the most reasonable price has earned us the respect and the long-term professional relationship with our clients.

MFR is a 100% export oriented organisation situated in the Free Trade Zone known as SEEPZ in Mumbai, India. MFR's strongest feature is the adoption of the "Planer Magnetron Sputtering Technology" for depositing thin, uniform metal film of high consistency, stability and low Temperature Coefficient.

Our extensive overload, ageing test and massive field experience has given our resistors the quality you are looking for in your products. We also vouch for the fact that our resistors have been put through all the tests specified by national quality control organisations such as LCSO, CACT, C-DOT and have come through with more than satisfactory results.


MFR is a dream that became a reality, this is the due to the diligent efforts of industrialist like Mr. Bharat Bhushan Bahl who is the Managing Director of MFR. Mr. Ravindrakumar Rishi who is an Industrialist, Exporter and an Engineer in his own right controls the development, technology, and export for our organisation.

The day to day progress is managed from the SEEPZ factory, while our offices in Delhi, Singapore, London and Mumbai manage the administrative functioning of the entire company.

Amenities and Services

The objective is to have uninterrupted mass production of sophisticated precise products like Metal Film Resistors, the company has planned and provided the following amenities


We have established a R.C.C. factory comprising of more than 100 electronics units. The Sahar Air Cargo complex and the Bombay Port are situated at a convenient distance which reduces the time factor in delivering the products to you.


State of the art technology has been implemented in our production facility, which is based on Sputtering Technology and principles of mass production.


Competent, qualified and well-trained Engineers, Staff and Operators have been appointed to achieve precise quality and high quality products.


These factors enable the company to compete in the international electronics market in terms of quality products, reasonable price range and spontaneous services to deal with customers in the international market.